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Psychological Testing

Mother and Daughter

Most third party payers require a diagnosis of ASD from a physician or psychologist in order to qualify a patient for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) specific treatments.  Therefore, assessment from the psychology team at Learning Solutions is often the first step in the process.  All assessment procedures are administered by or supervised by Gordon L. Day, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Dr. Day is a Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of ASD.  We use the “gold standard” for assessing the possibility of ASD which includes interviews with the patient and parent(s), the Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised, (ADI-R) the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale - Second Edition (ADOS-2) and the Autism Spectrum Rating Scale (ASRS).

Dr. Day and his team can perform sophisticated assessments including measures of cognitive abilities/aptitude, academic achievement, psychological function, behavioral assessment and adaptive behavior.  His assessments integrate parent reports, teacher recommendations, grade and progress reports and anecdotal reports, and take into account social, cultural, medical and neurodevelopmental factors. In addition to in-depth clinical/diagnostic interviews with the client, family members, teachers, therapists and other collateral sources

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