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Applied Behavior Analysis

Image by Caleb Woods

Emily Epperson, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who supervises and provides ABA (applied behavior analysis) services for children diagnosed with autism

spectrum disorder and other developmental delays. After receiving a doctor’s prescription for

ABA services, Learning Solutions will complete paperwork with your insurance then proceed

with an initial assessment. The initial assessment includes an office visit and additional

paperwork and conducted by a BCBA (Behavior Analyst) who will oversee the treatment plan.

ABA plans are individualized to the learner’s strengths and deficits. Typically, ABA occurs

multiple times per week to provide consistent learning opportunities for teaching new skills and

reducing any challenging behaviors. Depending on the insurance provider, we are typically able

to offer parent/caregiver meeting with the case supervisor to discuss progress and learn new

skills for the learner in their home environment. During the ABA sessions, the behavior

therapist working with the learner will target age-appropriate skills with pre-academic needs,

social skills and other independent areas of learning deemed important to parents.

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