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Bringin a full family service clinic to the children of the Uintah Basin and Tri-County Area.

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Mother and Daughter

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Emily Epperson, M.Ed., BCBA, LBA is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst who administers or supervises all behavioral assessments and treatment at LSI.  The focus of good behavioral therapy is on positive reinforcement of desired behaviors to help autistic patients develop skills they’re not acquiring naturally and to reduce behaviors that are harmful to them, like self-injury.  The goal with ABA is not to make a person act like neurotypicals do, but to help the patient develop skills that work for them.  Often the focus is on discouraging unhealthy and disruptive behaviors and reinforcing or encouraging more adaptive and functionally appropriate behaviors. 

Psychological Services

Most third party payers require a diagnosis of ASD from a physician or psychologist in order to qualify a patient for ASD specific treatments.  Therefore, assessment from the psychology team at LSI is often the first step in the process.  All assessment procedures are administered by or supervised by Gordon L. Day, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Dr. Day is a Child, Adolescent and Family Psychologist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of ASD.  We use the “gold standard” for assessing the possibility of ASD which includes interviews with the patient and parent(s), the Autism Diagnostic Interview - Revised (ADI-R) and the Autism Diagnostic Observation Scale - Second Edition (ADOS-2).

Dr. Day and his team can perform sophisticated assessments including measures of cognitive abilities/aptitude, academic achievement, psychological function, behavioral assessment and adaptive behavior.  His assessments integrate parent reports, teacher recommendations, grade and progress reports and anecdotal reports, and take into account social, cultural, medical and neurodevelopmental factors. In addition to in-depth clinical/diagnostic interviews with the client, family members, teachers, therapists and other collateral sources

Justin Benson, M.Ed., CCC-SLP is a licensed Speech and Language Pathologist who specializes in assessment and treatment of communication disorders.  Patients on the Autism Spectrum often have delays in the development of language and in understanding the more subtle aspects of social communication.  Understanding these language deficits and improving language skills is often crucial for the development and improvement of social skills.  

Rachel Mitchell, OTR/L, is a licensed Occupational Therapist who specializes in assessing and treating sensory processing issues and motor skills deficits in patients on the Autism Spectrum. Her focus is to help children overcome barriers and increase their independence in everyday childhood “occupations”, such as play, school tasks, home routines, and self-care. Self-care tasks include getting dressed, feeding, grooming, toileting, bathing, and the functional mobility necessary for accessing their environment. Rachel addresses the component skills of these everyday tasks, including motor planning, coordination, visual processing skills, self-regulation, social and emotional skills, executive functioning skills, fine motor skills, community independence, and sensory processing. Sensory issues are often significant in patients with ASD and are frequently overlooked..

Speech Therapist
Kids Painting

Occupational Therapy (OT)

Speech Therapy (ST)

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